A faulty air conditioner in a vehicle compromises one’s daily well-being. Of course, it is not always necessary or possible to completely change an air conditioner when it no longer works. At Remco Air, our experts are able to repair your vehicle’s system, whatever the model may be.
Atco, Webasto, RedDOT and Kysor: find the parts you need in our product catalog or directly request an online quote for your air conditioner’s repair.
Remco also offers a custom air conditioning manufacturing service

Our shop has the necessary equipment to service the air conditioning system of a light, heavy or even specialized vehicle.


Evaluation of your situation

Our team precisely diagnoses your problem to repair your automotive air conditioner as quickly as possible

Maintenance and cleaning

Rest assured, Remco Air takes care of your automotive air conditioner in an environmentally-friendly manner

Parts replacement

We have most of the systems needed to repair your air conditioner in our product catalogs

Remco air takes care of the environment

At Remco Air, our technicians are trained in compliance with the latest government standards to recover and recycle heating products in an environmentally friendly way.

A preheated engine is one that emits far fewer pollutants and consumes less at start-up. Whether due to the installation of air conditioning or a repair, your automotive air conditioner performs better, while having been handled with care.