We design custom air conditioning, for both professionals and individuals. From spare parts, used or defective systems, we offer suitable air conditioning for all types of vehicles (heavy, light or specialized) at a competitive price. If your air conditioning no longer works and requires replacement or the addition of specific parts, our team is able to turn it back into an efficient system for a price often lower than that of a new one. With our Rem-Coil mfg division, we are able to reproduce or create most condensers, evaporators and oil coolers.

We manufacture all kinds of spare parts for vehicle air conditioning.

Our technical expertise in the field of automotive air conditioners allows us to duplicate parts, while modifying them to make them more efficient. This service complements installation and is also available for heating systems.

Our customized manufacturing service covers the following parts:

  • Condenser
  • Cooler
  • Evaporator

Other Remco Air services

Automotive air conditioner installation
Automotive air conditioner repair 
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